'Chicago Med' Fans Want Gwen Garrett off the Show

Chicago Med fans have had enough of new hospital COO Gwen Garrett.

The hospital executive got into the nerves of fans after once again choosing to prioritize the hospital's reputation over a patient's well-being.

During "Heavy is the Head," Gwen (Heather Headly) finds herself once again at odds with Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) after she forbids the hospital staff from performing a transplant on a young patient with his dad being the donor, since he is under arrest for taking his son from his mother's custody without permission.

As he is also violating parole, the man is headed to prison and Gwen argues that if he has complications after the surgery and dies the hospital would be liable and it could ruin their reputation.

Fans of the medical drama, who have already expressed their animosity toward the new character introduced near the end of season three, took to social media to criticize Gwen for only caring about statistics.

"This new director of the board is a grade-A b—! Wow!" one user wrote on Twitter.

"I don't like Gwen. Not AT ALL. She has to go!!!" another user commented.

"Gwen, since when do hospital statistics matter more than saving the life of a child? That's a hot plate of BULLCOOKIES!" a third Twitter user said.

"Omg Gwen I hate you," another user wrote.

After the father of patient steals a gun from one of the police officers and shoots himself in the head in order to donate after all, Gwen justifies her decision, which only served to make fans angrier.

Gwen was introduced near the end of season 3 and almost immediately began to butt heads with chief administrator Sharon. The pair have disagreed on matters of hospital funding and staffing in recent episodes, with Gwen even firing the Emergency Room's administrator since they were more loyal to Sharon than to the hospital board.

The COO also made fans of the series angry during the big "One Chicago" crossover on Oct. 3, after she seemed to extend a helping hand to the Halstead brothers following their dad's death.

She told Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) that they could take as much time as they wanted to decide what to do with their father, who had been declared brain dead but was still on a ventilator, when her real intentions were to keep the hospital from receiving a bad outcome on the death.


Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC