Gary Oldman's Ex-Wife Slams Academy for His and Kobe Bryant's Oscar Wins

Gary Oldman won his first Academy Award on Sunday for his performance as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. And while the British actor's performance was raved about by critics, one person is speaking out against The Academy's decision.

Donya Fiorentino, Oldman's third wife from 1997-2001, spoke to TMZ on Monday and chastised the Oscar voters for praising Oldman despite her claims of domestic abuse when the two were together.

"Congratulations, Gary and congratulations to the Academy for awarding not one but two abusers with Oscars," Fiorentino said. "I thought we had evolved. What happened to the #MeToo movement?"

The second person she was referring to was former NBA star Kobe Bryant, who took home an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for his animated film Dear Basketball. Bryant was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel worker in 2003. The case was dropped in 2004 when the accuser refused to testify in trial, and Bryant was able to continue his NBA career through 2016.

Fiorentino's brought her accusations of Oldman physically abusing her back to light in February in an interview with The Daily Mail.

"He stole my children and ruined my life," Fiorentino said. "The truth needs to be told. I would like Gary to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. Will he? Who knows? He has always denied everything."

Her accusations included Oldman being an alcoholic and beating her with a telephone in front of their children.

"Our marriage was a giant car crash in which demented things happened. I lost my self-esteem, I was broken," she said. "I've been empowered by hearing other women speak up. When a woman gets her voice back, she gets her power back."

"I want our sons and the world to know the truth," she continued. "I would rather get eaten by a great white shark than go through that marriage again... I'm not speaking out to hurt Gary. In fact, I wish him well. He's a brilliant actor and he fully deserves his Oscar. But when you are nominated for an Academy Award you have to be held to a higher standard."

Oldman said in an interview with Mirror that he broke down physically when Fiorentino accused him of abusing her.

"I hit a wall two weeks ago and got the flu, and finally collapsed," Oldman said.


Despite earning backlash on social media, Oldman managed to beat out Timothee Chalamet, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Kaluuya and Denzel Washington for the Oscar. Following his divorce from Fiorentino, Oldman was married to Alexandra Edenborough from 2008-15. He's now married to Gisele Schmidt, whom he calls the love of his life.

Photo: Twitter / @GaryOldmanWeb