Twitter Wants April and Jackson Back Together on 'Grey's Anatomy'

An act of jealousy might just have rekindled a classic Grey's Anatomy relationship, at least in the eyes of fans.

During Thursday's brand new episode, Jackson (Jesse Williams) finds out about April's (Sarah Drew) extra curricular activities with one of the interns, as well as the excessive drinking she has been partaking in since she had her crisis of faith.

Concerned for his ex-wife, Jackson tries to intervene by asking best friend Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) what's going on. She tells him to leave it alone because people change after relationships end.

Later in the episode, Jackson overhears the interns talking about April. In an act of jealousy, the doctor sends April's new love interest to perform a gross procedure on a pageant.

Seeing Jackson bothered by April's new "dark" lifestyle made Twitter go nuts, wishing for the former couple known as Japril to get back together.

The couple ended their relationship after the death of their first child, when April enlisted in the army to deal with it, leaving Jackson to grieve on his own.

The couple had another child, Harriet, which they co-parented by living in the same apartment, until April realized Jackson was starting to move on. April decided to move out of the apartment in a attempt to get over ex-husband herself.


However, despite the deep fan desire to see the couple get back together, Jackson has been getting close to Dr. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary).

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.