Milo Ventimiglia Shaves Mustache to Truly Kill off 'This Is Us' Character

Milo Ventimiglia has truly killed off his This is Us character by reveling that he shaved the mustache that made Jack Pearson so recognizable.

In a newly surfaced photo shared by PEOPLE, a bare-faced Ventimiglia can be seen sporting a five o'clock shadow without the mustache he's become so well-known for on the popular NBC series.

Ventimiglia also shared a photo himself on Twitter, showcasing his freshly-shaved face, and writing, "Officially wrapped [This Is Us] season 2. Hope y’all enjoy the last few eps. Already can’t wait to get back for season 3."

Many fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts about Ventimiglia's new look, with one saying, "I hate mustaches but surprisingly I like him better with his mustache," and another tweeting, "Either way is fine but I prefer the clean-shaven, shorter hair look."

So on the whole, it seems as if fans are torn on which look they prefer better on the 40-year-old actor.

In early February, Ventimiglia gave an interview to Esquire where he spoke candidly about This is Us and his character Jack, who was recently revealed to have died after inhaling smoke during a house fire and going into cardiac arrest.

"I found out pretty early on, maybe in the middle of the first season. Mandy and I were on set and [series creator Dan] Fogelman came over to talk to us and explained that it was a house fire, but we didn't know how or when or why," he said about finding out how Jack was to die.


"We slowly learned about these other little things — Randall's girlfriend, Kevin's broken leg, Kate's dog — that were going to tip off the audience, and once we got into the second season, it was kind of a harrowing thing to just keep everything under wraps. It became Fort Knox secrecy: photocopy-proof scripts, code words, secret locations. And we really couldn't talk about it outside the company," Ventimiglia added.

He also talked about how Jack's death affected him emotionally, saying, "I get emotional over Rebecca, and the kids. Crying for Jack would seem a bit ridiculous, because I exist as him and I wouldn't cry for myself. But understanding the impact that Jack had on his family, that's where I personally get the most emotional. Everyone loved the question of why Jack died, but I think the most interesting part of the episode is how it impacted these four individuals."