'This Is Us' Spoiler Shows an Unexpected Reunion

Spoilers ahead, This Is Us fans!

(Really, click out if you don't want to know.)

A series of photos taken on the set of the hit NBC drama has hinted at a very big reunion, though that reunion may only be wishful thinking.

The snaps feature Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) together in the show's present-day storyline at what appears to be their wedding or vow renewal, with Rebecca wearing white and Jack donning a suit as the pair stands hand in hand in front of a man who appears to be an officiant.

A crowd watches the two as they speak to one another, laughing and gazing into each others' eyes in an expression of love. See the photos here.

As viewers can probably guess, this scene is likely a dream sequence of some sort, as Jack died years ago. His heartwrenching death was shown on a recent episode of the hit drama.

Ventimiglia previously told The Hollywood Reporter that he would continue to be a major part of the series despite the fact that viewers have now seen Jack's death.

"I was never going to leave the show," he said. "A while back, [series creator Dan Fogelman] explained [the show] ... as a box of unmarked home movies and each week we're going to reach in and grab one and just tell that story."

"This was just one of those tapes, one of those moments where we are understanding a moment in this Pearson family, the loss of their father. That was just the story of the week that we were telling. There's still a lot more to go, and that means yes, I'm still around."

The actor also discussed appearing in the show's present-day storyline, which he appears to be doing if these photos are any indication.


"I hope," he said. "I always hope, only because I'm so enamored with my cast and sad by the fact that I don't really get a chance to work with them. I know Fogelman has kicked around a few ideas and I'm just patient as I can be with him."

Photo Credit: NBC