'Grey's Anatomy': Transgender Character Joins ABC Drama

Grey's Anatomy shone a spotlight on one of its new interns Thursday night, who also just so happens to be a transgender man.

Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) enlisted the help of surgical intern Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis) after the hospital was hacked by cyberterrorists, and the FBI turned out to be no help in stopping them.

Casey revealed that he had previously gotten in trouble with the feds for hacking into the Department of Motor Vehicles. Bailey did not press on the matter at first as all she was interested in was getting her hospital up and running again after the cyberattack.

With his skills, Casey managed to open the locked doors to the blood bank, adjust the electronic thermostat and bring the computers back up so the hospital could go back to normal.

When the drama passed, Bailey talks to Casey and asks him if why he would feel the need to to hack the DMV, he reveals that his driver's license referred to him as female, and when he had asked the DMV to change it they had refused, so he did it himself. He announced he was a proud trans man.

Bailey responds by saying: “Thank you for your service, Dr. Parker.”

This is not the first time Grey's introduced a transgender character on the show. In the earlier seasons, a transgender woman came to Doctor Sloan (Eric Dane) for her gender reassignment surgery.

Also, Bailey's husband, Doctor Ben Warren (Jason George) was revealed to have a transgender sister in season 11, although she has not made an appearance on the show since then.

Dr. Parker, however, is the first transgender doctor character on the medical drama.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.