'Chicago Fire' Fans Stunned by Surprise Twist in Search for Missing Girl

In Thursday's Chicago Fire, the team continued their search for Bria, while a mysterious stench was making it really hard for work to get done.

Before the big twist, the episode was certainly not lacking in drama. The team had to save a woman who got her foot in a revolving door. Thankfully they had a chainsaw to break the door in half and save the woman. After that, Casey (Jesse Spencer) learns that Dawson (Monica Raymund) is sticking on the Bria case from Severide (Taylor Kinney).

As the episode went on, Severide took on Bria's case, which he found increasingly difficult. Teens kept running from him, until one girl decides to talk to him. The girl gives him a couple of helpful tidbits to keep the search going.

While the squad is dealing with an awful smell and Severide searches for Bria, Brett (Kara Killmer) and Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) try to help a mother who fainted after possible carbon monoxide poisoning. They need to help her until the haz-mat unit arrives. When the unit arrives, they are led by Zach (Daniel di Tomasso), who instantly looks attractive to the two women.

Back at the station, Casey sees Dawson's stuff still in a box, including a framed picture of the two together.

While Severide continued his investigation, he meets Bria's father, who is in rehab after getting addicted to painkillers. Her father thought Bria would never visit, but she did, as evidenced by the writing on the window. However, Bria has not visited recently, and Severide still has no idea where she could be.

Dawson heads to Bria's aunt's house. Her aunt is surprisingly okay with Bria trying to escape the foster care system. The aunt reveals that Bria's mother killed herself and believes that Bria is better off without her father.

Later on, Brett and Kidd argue about who gets to date Zach. The two both need to move on from bad dates and relationships, and refuse to give in.

Also, Casey decides to stay in his position and turned down a chance to be promoted.

Zach comes in and instantly finds out what caused the stink. It was a dead guinea pig.

Next, Brett tells Zack that Kidd is "fantastic" and he asks for her number. She's a real friend and helps Kidd out. But Brett did not tell Kidd about it. She realizes that Brett was helpful. The two hug it out.

As for the Bria case, Dawson tells Severide that they discovered Bria has a history of mental illness.

Just before the episode ends, there's a phone call. The morgue calls because a Jane Doe came in and had Dawson's card in her purse. Casey offers to go with her to the morgue.

We don't know if the body was really Bria's and won't find out until next week, when Chicago Fire returns.

Fans were stunned by the turn of events.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC