YouTube Personality Trevor 'McSkillet' Heitmann Dies in Car Crash

Trevor J. Heitmann, known on YouTube as "McSkillet," was identified as the teen driver killed in a wrong-way car crash in San Diego on Thursday.

Heitmann, 18, was driving a high-end 2014 McLaren sports car the wrong way on Interstate 805 when he hit a Hyundai SUV Thursday afternoon, reports KSWB. The crash sparked a series of other collisions involving eight cars, two of which ended up in flames. Two other people in the Hyundai — a 43-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter — were killed.

One other person was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries.

California Highway Patrol said Heitmann was involved in two other road incidents before the crash. On Thursday afternoon, police rushed to his home on Sea Knoll Court after his father called to report Heitmann speeding away after he hit another family car.

The second incident happened about a half-hour before the crash on 805. Heitmann drove through the day at the Ashley Falls Elementary School, police said. Witnesses saw the driver hit the gate, then get out of the car to break a school window. The driver then fled the scene.

Before California Highway Patrol confirmed Heitmann's death, the news circulated on tech websites. Two Twitter users who claimed to be his friends reported his death before officials did.

"This isn't a hoax. He was my best friend in real life and I've been dealing with this pain for the past two hours," a friend who uses the handle shnaxler tweeted. "Everyone please spread love and support, he was battling an incredible rough time and we need to show support. RIP to @OG_McSkillet. You truly were my best friend and biggest inspiration in life. I know you were dealing with an incredibly hard time but I know heaven will treat you well. I love you so much. Thank you for all the amazing times."

"I don't know how to feel," a friend who wished to remain anonymous told Polygon. "I knew him so well in middle and high school, he was a really good person and we had a lot of great memories together, but now learning about all the tragedy he caused for the people who died, I don't know what to feel."

The friend also told Polygon Heitmann was "pushing" people away.

Heitmann was known as McSkillet on YouTube and had over 877,000 subscribers. His videos had more than 204.5 million views since he launched his page in 2014. He was a popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive player and produced videos about in-game skins. He had not posted a video since March.


Heitmann also owned the CS:GO trading site CSGO Magic and he made a big profit from his trades. In December 2017, he shared a video of the McLaren, admitting that he used his profits from his online work to buy it.

Photo credit: KSWB