Woman Booted From Air Force After Racist Video Surfaces

A woman in Missouri was fired from both her waitressing job and the Air Force Reserve after posting a racist video on Snapchat.

Tabitha Duncan's Instagram clip went viral shortly after she enlisted in the Air Force Reserve. The 20-year-old was on camera with a number of friends using the N-word and talking about "hunting" for black people.

"So we going n— hunting today or what?" one person said in the clip.

"We're going n— hunting," replied another.

"You get them n—s," Duncan yelled in the end.

The video got Duncan fired from her job at the Social Bar & Grill in St. Louis almost immediately. A representative for the restaurant told Fox News that her termination was a direct result of the post, explaining the termination in a post on Facebook.

"Social Bar & Grill and it's owners have recently become aware of a vile, disgusting, and offensive video made by one of its employees," it read. "Upon learning of this, Social Bar & Grill immediately terminated this employee as soon as they could reach her! The incendiary comments made by this employee absolutely does NOT represent the views, opinions, and policies of Social Bar & Grill and it's owners. Nor will they be tolerated in any fashion. Social Bar & Grill and it's owners continue to encourage and seek diversity in its restaurant."

Lt. Colonel Chad Gibson spoke to the Air Force Times about the video, saying that the military branch "is in the process of being released from her enlistment in the Air Force."

"The video, released days after her enlistment, is intolerable and does not reflect the values of the Air Force," Gibson added.

Meanwhile Duncan herself offered only a brief explanation to the Daily News.

"I was intoxicated. I have black friends, I have black people in my family, I didn't mean it," the 20-year-old said.


Duncan's social media presence included numerous far-right memes and posts in support of President Donald Trump. She also made numerous posts condemning NFL players and their peaceful protests. Following her termination, the comments section on her Instagram posts filled with mockery and arguments. However, some supported her right to say whatever she wanted, no matter how racist.

(Photo: Instagram @tabbieduncan19)

"Tabbie, don't worry what people say and think. I've said dumb things when I was drunk so f— those people hating on you," one person wrote. "Just go to a lawyer, tell them what happened, where it happened, you were off the clock, off company property, and not wearing anything related to the company itself.