Roseanne Barr Wanted by Former President Trump Campaign Aide for New Streaming Platform

Roseanne Barr may already have a chance to get back onscreen, as a former Trump Campaign aide reportedly wants her to appear on his new streaming platform.

Michael Caputo, who worked for the Trump Campaign, is now working for a new start-up called Bond. Bond hopes to use cryptocurrency and crowd-funding to empower creators, and Caputo told Variety he wants Barr to be one of them.

Bond is already in the process of of reaching out to Barr's representatives, Caputo said. He works as the company's chief marketing officer, and hopes Barr will be the star power that brings more irresistible content to the upcoming platform. Even a celebrity mired in controversy could drive traffic to their site.

Caputo said that Bond is meant to be a cross between YouTube and Netflix. They hope to entice the increasingly dissatisfied creators of YouTube away with promises of more money. Caputo said they're looking for those that are “sick of getting YouTube money, and never getting a Hollywood mogul on the phone.”

Ironically, Caputo and the other creators working on Bond have pitched their project through YouTube. In a four minute presentation, founder Vlad Lobak explains why cryptocurrency is necessary for the idea to work.

Caputo hopes that the platform will attract the content he feels is ignored by the "Hollywood gods," but appeals to audiences in middle America.

“In flyover country, three-fourths of the stuff they put on television is unwatchable,” he said. “Suddenly, we get Roseanne, a show we can enjoy, and then a decision of a Hollywood mogul determines what we can and cannot watch.”

He added that the platform won't necessarily favor conservative content, but it will reach out to an audience that he feels is under-served. Caputo was also sure to rebuke the tweet that got Barr's show cancelled from ABC in the first place.

“She has admitted it was reprehensible,” Caputo said. “She has expressed regret. But the fact that the Hollywood gods don’t accept that doesn’t mean [her career] needs to end at all.”


As far as Caputo is concerned, Barr's days on ABC were always numbered. He claims that a show that features “conservative views would always be short-lived. They don’t want to get our dirty shoes on the putting green.”

He is hopeful that Barr will want to participate when she sees the potential of Bond. “All of the profits that Bob Iger made from the Roseanne reboot will now be hers," he said, "because we completely cut out the middleman."