Winter Olympics: South Korean Figure Skater Yura Min Overcomes Wardrobe Malfunction on Ice

In her Olympic debut on Sunday, Korean figure skater Yura Min was frighteningly close to experiencing a wardrobe malfunction on ice.

The 22-year-old Californian-born athlete and her skating partner, Alexander Gamelin, had quite the nightmare during Sunday's ice skating event when one of her moves early almost immediately into the routine had her glitzy red top falling out of place.

According to the Associated Press for NBC, a hook on the back of Min's red dress became loose, threatening to reveal more than she would want for her first time at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

"I know that if this comes undone, then the whole thing is going to come undone. So I had that panic," she said. "That wouldn't be the most ideal Olympic experience, obviously. The whole time in the back of my head I was just thinking: 'Keep your back straight because it might come down.'"

However, with a dress adamant to set itself free, things got worse for Min as the twizzles, also known as the synchronized side-by-side spin, had the dress slipping off her shoulder and down her arm. Reacting fast and with much grace, Min continued her performance with her 23-year-old partner Gamelin, who improvised with her in order to prevent her top from slipping off her shoulders.

"It started to come down so I had to stop my twizzle and pull it back up," Min said.

Her 24-year-old Boston, Massachusetts-born partner added that the two were "skating well" despite the obstacle at their first games.

"[We] just had to keep everything, well, intact," he told NBC press.

The two might not have grown up in their Olympic host nation, but that didn't stop the crowd from enjoying their chemistry on ice. Min was also applauded by viewers for her performance and recovering from the potential nightmare "with class."

"The second we stepped onto the ice, the fans started to scream and I think we really fed off that energy," Min said. "Even with my costume coming undone, the fans helped us, picked us up."


Min's dress issues did hurt their points total as they finished ninth, but the two are optimistic for their next ice dance competition starting Feb. 19.

Photo credit: Twitte / @florida_diary