How to Win Free McDonald's for Life

One lucky customer will have the chance to win free McDonald's for life, making "legend become reality" by placing the McGold Card in one person's hands.

McDonald's is shedding the shroud of mystery surrounding the long-rumored and mysterious McGold Card, confirming that the thing of legends and dreams does in fact exist. In a new announcement released on Twitter, the Golden Arches, home of the Quarter Pounder and fan-favorite golden French fries, announced that one fortunate soul will have the chance to win the McGold Card, allowing them to score free McMuffins, Big Macs, and McCafes for life.

"For millennia, tales of ancient secrets have captivated mankind. The Lost City of Gold, the Treasure of Montezuma, and the McGold Card offering free McDonald's for life," a narrator announces in a movie trailer/true crime docuseries/mockumentary.

"The McGold Card isn't some bedtime story, it's real," Ancient Aliens co-executive producer and "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" Giorgio Tsoukalos assures viewers as a brief clip of Bigfoot running with the coveted card is shown.

"They're raising the bar. McDelivery, mobile ordering, and now the chance to win free craveable, delicious McDonald's for life," Professor of McDonald's History and Fry Law Rhonda McDougal claims.

Although only "the most luminary" individuals are capable of holding the card, it thankfully does not take much effort to join those ranks. In order to place yourself in the running for the highly coveted and sought after McGold Card, all that you have to do is place an order through the McDonald's app from August 10 through August 24.

The new promotion follows on the heels of the MacCoin, a limited edition global currency backed by the Big Mac handed out to customers in celebration of the Big Mac turning 50. The coins, which were handed out on Aug. 2, allows customers to redeem them for a free Big Mac at a later date.


The MacCoins come in five different designs, each drawing inspiration from the decades that the famed burger has been in existence. The '70s coin showcases the decade's flower power, the '80s coin alludes to pop art, the '90s coin is defined with bold, abstract shapes, the '00s coin focuses on the technology that was at the forefront of the turn of the century, and the '10s MacCoin calls attention to the evolution of communication.