Wife Finds out Husband Fathered 47 Kids From Sperm Donations, Puts Divorce on the Table

When you marry someone, you expect to run into a few secrets or revelations that shake your [...]

When you marry someone, you expect to run into a few secrets or revelations that shake your relationship a bit. A notable example could be finding out your spouse has kids you didn't know about or any kids from an outside relationship.

That alone is usually grounds for divorce or therapy at some point, but this example from a recent Reddit post takes that to different heights. Not only did this user find out her husband had other kids, but she also found out they numbered well into double figures.

The Reddit user, "fedupwife1234," dropped her post in the "Am I The A-hole" subreddit, leaving some scratching their heads about the validity of the claims and others curious to know how the story would end up. It all circles around her husband's visits to the local sperm donation center.

As she lays out, she has been married for eight years and they only have one little girl together, 3 years old. It also hasn't been a secret that her husband donated sperm in the past, but she had never dug into the total because she just assumed there could be a couple of kids walking the streets.

But, as she notes, a few days back she decided to finally pop the question. The answer did not please her at all.

"He tells me the fertility centres last updated him at 47 kids," the user wrote on Reddit. "I was not expecting that many."

From there, she's questioning what she's known all this time. She feels like it was clearly her fault for not asking a little deeper before they got so close to the decade mark in their marriage.

Originally she revealed that she didn't care that his sperm donations likely ended up conceiving children and didn't want to know, but the number of kids he told her about ended up becoming a sticking point.

"I can't stop thinking about all the problems this will cause when we're older," she writes in the post. "[Would I be the a--hole] for divorcing him for something that he was very upfront about?!?!"

She also adds that all of the kids from the sperm donation centers would have a legal right to his contact information after they turn 18. Another wrinkle in the situation.

Fellow Redditors did not fall on the side of this confused wife.

"All the problems this will cause?" One reply said. "Seems like the only problem that is guaranteed is you leaving him and upending your daughter's life."

Another added that they didn't "understand how this affects your relationship at all."

"[You] don't need us to tell you this. You knew in advance, specifically asked not to know how many and have been married for years," a third comment questioned the story before asking, "What's the real reason you want a divorce?"

In the end, the moderators stepped in to note that the story itself seems like a stretch, saying it is similar to "movie plots and famous news stories," but not enough to fully mark it as a fabrication. So the story continues and the comments aren't on the side of the original poster.