Suspect Shot Outside of White House, Secret Service Escorts Donald Trump out of Press Briefing

President Donald Trump was at the start of his latest White House press conference when a shooting occurred just outside the building. Trump confirmed what had happened, adding that somebody has been taken to the hospital and that the Secret Service took down the suspect. More details are expected to follow shortly according to comments by Trump.

A man was reportedly outside of the White House shouting in the direction of the property. After shots fired, Trump was escorted back into the West Wing while media were placed in lockdown in the briefing room. The press conference had just gotten started when shortly into it, Trump, who recently issued a few executive orders, abruptly stepped away from the podium. He came back moments later to address the reporters and share what he he had been told, thanking the Secret Service for stepping in so swiftly. He noted that he does not condition of the suspect, "Seems that the person was shot... so we'll see what happens." The incident was said to have taken place near Lafayette Park, nestled at the corner of 17th and Pennsylvania Ave. A law enforcement told NBC News that one suspect had been shot and transported to a local hospital.

Prior to stepping out for his coronavirus briefing, Trump shared some details about his plans for his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential nominee. He revealed that the final two options for where it will be held is either on the grounds of the White House or at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. His tweet said a final decision will be coming soon. The maneuver comes after Trump postponed his rally in Jacksonville during the Republican National Convention amid the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing positive cases in Florida.


Trump also interjected himself into the situation unfolding in the world of college football, which sees programs across the country figuring out whether or not fall sports should happen. Each day sees more and more colleges announcing that they will be forgoing the season, but the Power 5 conferences in football are all meeting to determine if a season should happen at all. Trump tweeted his thoughts on the matter, taking the side of the players and calling for the programs to find a way to get a season together.