Watch: Donald Trump Suddenly Escorted out of Press Briefing After White House Shooting

An apparent shooting took place outside the White House on Monday. The incident occurred not long after President Donald Trump had started a press conference with reporters. The president himself has since confirmed what had happened, adding that at least one person has been taken to the hospital, who was allegedly shot by a member of the secret service.

During the press conference, Trump was reading off some news about reported gains in the stock market. At one point, he boasts that the Dow will "hopefully start breaking records soon," someone off-camera catches his attention. He was then quietly escorted out of the press briefing, accompanied by secret service agents. Afterward, he was reportedly taken to the Oval Office, and not a bunker beneath the building, as captured by CBS News.

Trump later returned to the briefing room where he confirmed that there was a "shooting outside the White House" and that "somebody's been taken to the hospital." He went on to say that it appeared as though the Secret Service shot the "suspect," and told reporters that "we'll have details for you in a little while." Trump also noted that no one else was injured in the incident.

It was also reported that the incident took place near Lafayette Park, which is at the corner of 17th and Pennsylvania Ave, across from the White House. A law enforcement official later confirmed to NBC News that one suspect had been shot and subsequently transported to a nearby hospital.


Prior to his speculation on the stock market, Trump had discussed some details about what he has planned for his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential nominee. He said that the final two options were to either have it on the grounds of the White House or at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, adding on Twitter that a final decision will be made soon. Trump had recently postponed his planned rally in Jacksonville, Florida for the Republican National Convention, giving the surging number of COVID-19 cases currently in the state.