Weatherman Slips Classic '80s Easter Egg Into Forecast

The "Bomb Cyclone" storm has brought some freezing temperatures to roughly half of the United States over the past few days. But at least one weatherman is having fun with it.

On Wednesday, Erik Maitland gave the seven-day forecast for KWQC out of Davenport, Iowa. But fans of the 1980s rock group Tommy Tutone noticed something was off about the temperatures. The forecast read the average temperatures for the next seven days would be eight, six, seven, five, three, zero and nine degrees, which are the same numbers used in the hit song "867-5309/Jenny."

One viewer noticed the numbers and messaged Maitland on Twitter, asking if they were real. The whole thing turned out to be a prank.


From frozen iguanas falling out of trees to wind chill temperatures reaching well into the negatives, the monstrous "Bomb Cyclone" has affected the country in many ways. But at least this time it let us remember a classic 80's jam.