Watch: 9-Foot Snake Captured in Florida

Police officers and detectives in Florida are used to encountering weird things in the Sunshine State, but the encounter Leon County Sheriff's Det. Emily Shaw had on Wednesday was truly one-of-a-kind. She found an exotic, nine-foot long snake. Video of the snake went viral, earning nearly 400,000 views.

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The Leon County Sheriff's Office posted the video on their Facebook page, noting that Shaw has experience handling exotic pets. But even this snake, which is a 9-foot long Yellow Anaconda, was surprising. In the video, Shaw captures the snake with her bare hands.

The snake was found near Louvinia Drive in east Leon County. The county is in the Florida Panhandle and includes Tallahassee.

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"We believe this was someone's pet that either escaped or was released. If you own an exotic pet- please be responsible," the sheriff's office noted. "Make sure their cages are completely secure and if you decide you no longer want it, DO NOT release it into the wild. Instead, contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Thanks Detective Emily Shaw for really being ALLin

The Yellow Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) is native to South America, particularly Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and parts of Argentina and Brazil. They're part of the Boidae snake family, which also includes the largest snake species in the world, the green anaconda. They can grow between nine to 11 feet long, although some have grown to 15 feet.