Walmart Starts Delivering Groceries to Your Actual Fridge Today

It's been teased for some time, but today is officially the day that Walmart starts delivering groceries directly to your actual fridge. According to a CNBC report, the option to have Walmart delivery drivers come in and put your groceries away for you is part of a monthly subscription program titled InHome, which costs $19.95 a month as an introductory price. Subscribers are required to buy a specific smart door lock kit — priced as $49.95 — or a smart garage door kit, which comes with and a month of free unlimited grocery delivery and free installation.

As far as the employees who will be doing the deliveries, they have to have been with Walmart for at least one year, and will also be required to pass background checks and motor vehicle record checks, as well as some extensive training.

Many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the service, with one person commenting, "Nope, I don't trust people coming into my house definitely when I am not home."

"I'm all about convenience, but not going to do this," another shopper offered. "It's almost inconvenient for anyone with large dogs...afraid if I accidentally left them roaming the house, a lawsuit could be on my hands for a random person coming in my house without me there [smiley emoticon] Liability issues...."

"No I am afraid they will steal a beer while they are in my fridge," someone else joked.

"For most probably not worth the delivery cost," a fourth user stated, while a final person asked, "Are some people that busy they can't shop for groceries?"

At this time, the service will only be rolled out in Kansas City, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Vero Beach, Florida.


It’s a service we plan to grow and scale aggressively” Bart Stein, Walmart's senior vice president of membership and InHome previously said of the service. He explained that these first three cities “represent variety of factors across demographics, stores and more operationally that set us up the best and quickest to scale nationwide.”

There is currently no word on how long it could be before the service is rolled out nationally, presuming it's a successful venture for the company.