US Running out of Frozen Pizzas Amid Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has seen its impact hit nearly every area imaginable across the world. Perhaps the largest industry to see its demand climb as high as ever are grocery stores. From mega-corporation supermarkets to local grocery shops, stores are struggling to keep many items in stock. First, it was the toilet paper craze that settled over in the early going of the outbreak. Then it was the cleaning supplies from sanitizing wipes to hand soap. A new hard-to-find item now happens to be frozen pizza. Stores across the states are finding it hard to keep the easy-to-cook products in stock.

Newman's Own President and COO, Dave Best told Ad Week that his company's sales are 190 percent since the start of the pandemic. It shouldn't come as a surprise that this particular food item is seeing its demand on the rise. As everyone remains in quarantine, food has become a difficult thing to keep aplenty. There are people rationing their food and those who are going the other way and buying in bulk that can last them months. With so much uncertainty as to when normal life will be restored, easy-to-grab foods like frozen pizza, especially with a shelf life like they have, are hot ticket items.

With frozen pizza coming to the forefront, even Barstool Sports is placing an emphasis on the freezer good. Dave Portnoy, the founder of the site, has delivered his readers with a consistent stream of pizza reviews over the years. Typically, he visits shops across the country where he takes just one bite of a slice and gives his rating. With America shut down and Portnoy in quarantine, he's now resorted to doing this with frozen pizza, which is just another example of how the product is becoming so mainstream.

There's even some stores limiting the item as they are considered an essential item, as one user pointed out on Twitter.


On March 10, was ahead of the game when the site released their rankings of 130 frozen pizzas that they tested and reviewed. For the people who are able to find the hot item in their local stores or through online purchases, the media outlet suggests that Outsiders Pizza Company, which is found in Ohio, had the top ranking with their bacon and jalapeño pizza.

Photo Credit: Christoph Soeder/picture alliance via Getty Images