Urgent Dole Salad Mix Recall Issued

Salad is a recurring target for recalls, especially in headlines in recent years. But for the current Dole salad mix recall, a dangerous illness or bacteria isn't the culprit. Instead, these salad packages could contain hairy nightshade, which is poisonous and can be toxic, according to BGR.

The recall started about a month ago and has continued since with the inclusion of the FDA. Dole ended up recalling over 1,600 cases of their salad mixes, sold under a few brands. According to BGR, Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix in 16-ounce packages and Marketside Spring Mix in 11 and 5-ounce packages.

Affected packages all have the best if used by dates that range from June 29 through July 1. These are part of the following groupings: Wi6709A, Wi6709B, WI67011, W167011 and W168011.

As Tom Brady would tell you, nightshades are bad news. While he takes it a bit far in his life, a nightshade plant itself can have a nasty effect on the body. According to BGR, who cites the Colorado State University Guide to Poisonous Plants.

"Steroidal alkaloids such as solanine have atropine-like effects on the nervous system inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Some nightshades also contain irritants such as saponins that cause salivation and diarrhea. Nightshades may also accumulate toxic levels of nitrate," the book says.

People who also have a reaction to nightshade can suffer muscle tremors, slow heart rate, shock, coma, labored breathing, drowsiness, muscle tremors, incoordination, kidney failure, dilated pupils and death. There haven't been any reports about the Dole recall and examples of negative reactions, and with the dates having likely led to products being removed, there shouldn't be any going forward.

Still, if you happened to buy these products and managed to keep them to this point, you might want to be careful. The last thing you need to do is end up twitching on the floor while trying to eat healthier.