UFO Spied Over Texas During Solar Eclipse

While some were waiting for the Rapture or something worse during the eclipse, leave it to Texas to keep things focused.

Folks out viewing the eclipse in Texas on Monday seemed to get a bit of a surprise when they looked up and got an eyeful of UFO instead. According to The Daily Mail, a video of the incident shows a darkened sky with cloud cover as the Moon makes its way over to the top of the Sun.

The outlet notes that Texas was one of the numerous hotspots to view the totality of the eclipse, only visible for a little under four minutes at the most. But for some around the Arlington area, they got the extra showcase with the UFO.

The people filming the video can be heard mentioning "aliens" and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. "Something is flying through the air," one person can be heard, while others ask what it is they're seeing.

Plenty of people were confused about the reality of the situation, but some on social media claimed it wasn't anything otherworldly. "It's literally a helicopter shadow coming through the clouds," they wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "Seen this several times with airplanes."

Some didn't buy this theory and said helicopters don't "move that fast," leading to someone else chiming in to say it might've been a play. "I thought aircraft shadow when I saw it. Not that it couldn't be a UFO shadow, but probably not anything that fun," another wrote. "Shadow on the clouds from a higher altitude airplane. I have seen this many times as an aviation spotter," a third added.

Is it possible people saw a UFO in the skies over Arlington? Sure, but it is just as possible they were fooled by the Moon's trickery. It is more likely one of the more rational responses.