Twins Legend Torii Hunter Reminds Fans When He Was Held at Gunpoint by Police in His Own Home

There has been a public outcry following George Floyd's murder as many have discussed the manner [...]

There has been a public outcry following George Floyd's murder as many have discussed the manner in which law enforcement views and treats African Americans. Former Minnesota Twins star Torii Hunter weighed in without saying anything. He just tweeted a video about the time he was held at gunpoint by police officers.

According to the news story, Hunter's security system malfunctioned at his home. The police arrived to assess the situation, so the MLB star, who was playing for the Angels at the time, went outside to talk to them. However, Hunter said that the police drew their firearms and held him at gunpoint until he proved he owned the home. They reportedly walked him upstairs to get his identification, holding him at gunpoint the entire time.

The incident originally occurred in 2012 when Hunter lived in Newport Beach. He provided a play-by-play on Twitter, starting with his alarm malfunctioning. "They didn't believe I lived here in Newport coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID," Hunter tweeted on the day of the incident.

Once the police confirmed Hunter's identity, one report said that he "is an Angel fan" and wished the MLB star a good season. Hunter then blamed himself for the alarm going off and said that the guns weren't pointed "at him." He tweeted that they were aimed at the ground.

"And what I didn't understand that if they were Angel fans how did they not recognize you? I can't even imagine going through that. It's a very sad time right now in this country. #ERACISM," one fan commented after revisiting this incident from 2012. There were some fans that remembered the original story, but they expressed the belief that the situation could have been much worse.

While this was only one incident that occurred, it is one of the many reasons why former UFC star Ronda Rousey said on Instagram that there needs to be an unbiased oversight committee for the police. She wrote that there is a "systemic willful ignorance to the abuses of the power" among the police and that they need to be held accountable. Rousey said that she has close friends who are "amazing" cops, but she doesn't believe that the self-regulation is working at this point.

Whether or not her preferred change takes place remains to be seen, but Rousey is making her voice heard. She is one of the many calling for justice for Floyd and discipline for the officers. She wants to see them tried and convicted of murder.