Ronda Rousey Pushes for Police Oversight in Response to George Floyd's Death

When George Floyd died while in police custody, multitudes called for the four officers involved [...]

When George Floyd died while in police custody, multitudes called for the four officers involved to face murder charges on social media and during protests. Former UFC star Ronda Rousey has gone one step further. She wants the officers convicted, and she wanted police oversight.

Rousey posted a long message on Instagram Friday in response to Floyd's death. She posted the infamous photo showing former officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck prior to his death. Rousey wrote that this photo should outrage everyone who sees it, and she also expressed the belief that it's evidence of a larger issue. She called for unbiased parties to hold the police accountable.

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"Regardless of your race this image should outrage you. This is a human rights issue, citizens should not be treated this way by the people we pay taxes to protect and serve us — especially because it took civilian videos to expose the wrongdoing. Where are the police car videos? Where's the police bodycam videos? How many other times has this happened when there wasn't a fellow civilian there to film?" Rousey wrote on Instagram.

"This is a violation of trust that may never be mended. I have close friends who are amazing cops and I'm sure they are just as horrified at this atrocity — The individuals behind George Floyd's death need to be tried and convicted of murder. WE need to address the police's systemic willful ignorance to the abuses of the power we give them. Self-regulation isn't working, we need outside unbiased parties overseeing the police and holding them accountable for the benefit of us all!!"

Chauvin has been arrested following Floyd's death. He faces third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. The other three fired officers — Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng — are not currently facing charges.

Calls for an unbiased oversight committee have been increasing while some areas have already incorporated these citizen-based groups. One example is Chattanooga, which has the Police Advisory and Review Committee. Nine citizens make up this group and they review cases after an internal investigation is complete. If necessary, the committee can make recommendations for further disciplinary action to the police chief.

Sylvester Harris, one member of PARC, told WRCB that other citizens feel more comfortable bringing complaints to the committee and that they serve as a "buffer" between the police and the populace. Harris also said that the PARC is beneficial to everyone. It "protects the integrity" of the good officers while thoroughly investigating claims from the community.