The World's Smallest McDonald's Just Opened

McDonald's just opened it's newest and tiniest store ever and their guests are buzzing about it!

The small structure known as the "McHive" was designed as a tribute to one of their stores in Sweden that houses beehives on the roof.

It was created by Nordic creative agency NORD DDB, which is the organization that put the video together showing the creative process.

The design features an al fresco patio with sleek wood paneling and two drive-thru windows.

The movement that started locally, is now pushing towards a national scale. Franchises around the country have begun installing beehives on their roofs as well and are replacing the grass around their lawn with flowers and plants that are a little more enticing to the bees.

The movement doesn't stop at McDonald's though. Other companies like Burt's Bees and Whole Foods have hopped on board with the initiative to raise awareness and honor National Pollinators week.

The McHive is doing more than just helping the bees though, it's also aiding in charity. The mini-Mickey D's was sold at an auction on Tuesday — which was World Bee Day — during a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House and sold for more than $10,000.

No word yet on when the idea might make its way to America.

The initiative comes at a crucial time where more and more reports are discussing climate change and other topics like the future of bees. Beekeepers have noticed a drastic decline in honey bee colonies, which could have lasting, damaging effects on crop production.

Bees play a pretty large role in the food system as pollinators but according to, the disappearance of the little guys are caused by a few things: bee killing pesticides for crops, parasites/pathogens, industrial agriculture and climate change.


A few things that can help save the bees are ecological farming, the removal of all bee-harming chemicals and to adopt a bee-action plan.