These Terrible Christmas Gift Tales Will Make You Grateful for Gift Cards

We all get a less-than-thrilling Christmas gift now and then, but these stories about terrible Christmas presents that people are sharing will make you so grateful for gift cards.

As compiled by The Daily Mail, people from all over the world have been taking to social media to share their tales of Christmas gifting gone awry, which lead to them getting what they felt were just the worst presents.

Interestingly, there were multiple meat-related products included, as apparently one person received bacon-flavored floss as a gift, and another got a pair of edible underwear made of beef jerky, proving there is no limit to human creativity.

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Maybe the most awkward gift, however, was a computer mousepad featuring a large shirtless man peering seductively over a pair of sunglasses. Something like that would certainly make you the talk of the office.

The bad gifts didn't stop there, as people shared that they received things like an inflatable unicorn horn to be worn by cats, a saddle for dads to wear in order to give their kids a horseback ride, and a 4ft. wine glass, which may not actually be that terrible of a present depending on your perspective.

One social media user posted a photo of herself wearing a retro-style blue dress and wrote, "Thanks Gran, I needed a 1970s towel dress," and added a cry-laughing face emoji.

Another person shared that someone got them a tube of toothpaste as a Christmas gift, which could possibly be more of a suggestion than a joke.


On the whole, these are all some pretty cringe-worthy gifts that prove gift cards may actually be the best bet when shopping for your loved ones for Christmas.