Teenage Mother Accused of Suffocating Newborn

A Colorado teen mom is being charged by police with allegedly suffocating her newborn child by shoving a rock down the infant's throat.

According to the authorities, 16-year-old Alaya Dotson suffocated the baby about an hour after giving birth on Sept. 8 in her Denver home. Two days after the alleged incident, she was put under arrest.

The Denver Medical Examiner's Office ruled the baby's death as a homicide, according to ABC affiliate Denver7.

Dotson reportedly told the investigators working the case that she was unaware she was in labor until she woke up to use the restroom. After giving birth to the baby, the teen told cops she went into her bedroom and was "lying on the floor with the baby right not to her." She added that the "baby's arms were moving back and forth, but she was not crying."

The cops claim that Dotson then took her child out onto the patio and jammed a rock down her throat and "wrapped the baby in the blanket and set her down on the ground."


Dotson's mother did not know that her daughter was expecting a child. She called 911 after discovering the baby wrapped in a bloody blanket outside their home.

The teen is scheduled to have a preliminary court hearing in January, WMUR reported.