'Tan Mom' Patricia Krentcil Reveals New Health Update After Coming out of a Coma

Patricia Krentcil, who rose to fame as the infamous "Tan Mom," is "getting better day by day" after she recently came out of a medically induced coma. The news comes after it was reported that she was in the Intensive Care Unit of a Florida hospital in critical condition.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Krentcil gave a heath update following her scary life-threatening hospitalization, informing fans that she is "getting better day by day" and thanking them for their continued support.

"When I was in a coma it was so sad to not be able to laugh with my family, [songwriting partner] Adam [Barta], and my friends at The [Howard] Stern Show," she said. "With everyone praying every day and never giving up, it worked…This is a new chapter for Patricia Marie, and can't wait to share my story with Howard and the world."

Adam Barta, Krentcil's longtime producer, also provided an update, stating that Krentcil is "in great spirits" and ready to get back to work.

"I talked with Patricia and she was in great spirits, laughing, and already ready to dive into business," Barta told the outlet. "The first thing she asked me was, 'When is the new ['Money Maka'] music video premiering?!' We shot it on a private beach on the Gulf of Mexico before she fell ill."

"She told me this has been a harrowing ordeal and is still a little foggy on some details," he added. "We are asking for privacy and time for her to fully recover over the next couple weeks. However, we promise she will definitely be back one more time, and like a phoenix from the ashes, Patricia and I, along with our producer, Electropoint, are ready to take the music biz by storm!"

As had previously been reported, Krentcil had been hospitalized sometime in early June due to complications related to a recent pneumonia diagnosis. She reportedly had fluid on her lungs that needed to be drained, though she reportedly went into cardiac arrest during the procedure.

Brata later confirmed that Krentcil had been put on life support, but stated that she was "improving" every day.


The 51-year-old had risen to fame in 2012 after she was arrested and charged with second-degree child endangerment after she allowed her then-5-year-old daughter Anna to use a tanning bed, resulting in severe burns all over her body. Krentcil was released from jail on $25,000 bail and pleaded not guilty to second-degree child endangerment. A grand jury later decided not to indict her.

Following her arrest and viral fame, Krentcil pursued a music career, debuting her rap single "It's Tan Mom" in 2013.