Taco Bell Reveals Which Menu Item Is Returning After Fan Vote

Taco Bell revealed the results of a fan vote to choose which menu item will return for a limited time on Friday. The Enchirito beat out the Double Decker Taco among Taco Bell Rewards users. The Enchirito was introduced in 1970 and disappeared from menus in 2013. It will be available at restaurants nationwide from Nov. 17 to Nov. 30.

"This one's all you, #TeamEnchirito. The Enchirito will be back for a limited time starting 11/17," Taco Bell announced on Instagram. About 760,000 Taco Bell Rewards members voted on the Taco Bell app, reports Delish. The Enchirito earned 62% of the vote.

The Enchirito includes a soft flour tortilla, loaded with seasoned beef, beans, and diced onions, rolled and smothered in classic red sauce, and topped with cheddar cheese. Although the menu item is over 50 years old, its ardent fans are celebrating its return and hope it becomes a permanent menu item. "Make it final not temporary!!!" one fan wrote on Instagram. "Why limited time? Just do what's right and keep it forever!" another commented.

Double Decker Taco fans were understandably bummed by the result. The menu item was introduced n 1995 and became a permanent part of the menu in June 2006. It had a 13-year run before being discontinued in 2019. Double Decker Tacos included a classic crunchy Taco bell taco wrapped around a soft taco layered with beans. "I really wanted that double-decker," one disappointed fan wrote.

Taco Bell announced its first fan vote back on Sept. 27. The vote was only open through Oct. 6. "On the heels of the love and passion we saw for Mexican Pizza, we wanted to continue elevating the voices of our most loyal fans by giving them exclusive access to a unique digital experience that fosters brand love," Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell's Chief Brand Officer, said in a statement. "Nobody gets Taco Bell more than our community so we're thrilled to empower them with this in-app voting experience that allows them to have a direct impact on our menu."


Although Taco Bell had never done a vote like this before, the company has listened to fans in the past. The chain revived the beloved Mexican Pizza over the summer. Demand was so overwhelming that Taco Bell quickly ran out of the ingredients. After removing it from the menu again, the dish returned last month, complete with the delayed Mexican Pizza: The Musical featuring Doja Cat and Dolly Parton.