Stimulus Checks: What Do They Look Like?

With millions of Americans waiting on their coronavirus economic impact payment, some who have opted not to receive the payment via direct deposit are wondering what exactly they should be looking for in the mail. While the check itself looks like a normal check from the U.S. Treasury, President Donald Trump's name will appear below the words "economic impact payment" in the lower left corner.

A prototype image has been released by the U.S. Secret Service warning people about possible scams related to the checks. Trump's name being listed on the check has caused quite the stir in Washington D.C. after The Washington Post reported earlier this month that the president had pushed for his name to be included on the relief checks, citing senior IRS officials who thought adding his name would only slow distributing the checks to Americans.

Stimulus Check
(Photo: U.S. Secret Service)

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ultimately took responsibility for the decision, telling CNN: "That was my idea. He is the president, and I think it's a terrific symbol to the American public." He also denied any delays were the result of the addition of Trump's moniker. Trump, meanwhile, told reporters he "didn't know too much about" his name being added to the checks, but was "sure people will be very happy to get a big, fat, beautiful check, and my name is on it."

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday he will push for a provision in the next coronavirus legislative package that would stop Trump from putting his name on any additional stimulus checks titled the No Politics in Pandemic Recovery Act, or No PR Act, as per Politico. The proposition would prohibit the use of any taxpayer funds "for any publicity or promotional activity that includes the names, likeness, or signature" of Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.


"President Trump unfortunately appears to see the pandemic as just another opportunity to promote his own political interests. The No PR Act puts an end to the president's exploitation of taxpayer money for promotional material that only benefits his re-election campaign," Schumer said in a statement. "Delaying the release of stimulus checks so his signature could be added is a waste of time and money."