Stimulus Checks: Democratic Aides Reportedly 'Genuinely Confused' Why Donald Trump Isn't Supporting $2,000 Payments

Considering that the United States is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, there has been much discussion surrounding an additional stimulus package. In May, the House of Representatives did pass the HEROES Act, which would entitle eligible Americans to another, one-time check of $1,200. But, the government has made no headway in actually enacting this act into law. According to Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein, Democratic aides are reportedly confused as to why President Donald Trump has not taken them up on any of their offers to send financial aid to tens of millions of voters amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While many Democratic aides, and Americans everywhere, are confused as to why the Trump administration has not taken any action regarding an additional stimulus package, Stein reported that there may be a specific reason behind this delay. According to the reporter, Trump has supposedly told aides he is in support of a second stimulus package. However, many Senior and conservative White House officials are opposed to the idea. So, it's unclear whether Trump and his administration will actually come around to supporting one of the many stimulus packages that have been floating around Congress for the past couple of months.

Just like Stein expressed, Trump does seem to be on board with the idea of another stimulus package. During an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, the president said that he likes the idea of having a "larger" stimulus check than the one that was previously discussed. In his interview, Trump claimed that he wants a potential second round of stimulus payments to be larger than that of the CARES Act's $1,200 one-time payment. The White House and Congress previously agreed to the CARES Act in March, a historic $2 trillion stimulus package that entitled eligible Americans to a one-time check of $1,200.

"I support actually larger numbers than the Democrats, but it's got to be done properly," Trump said. "I want the money getting to people to be larger so they can spend it. I want the money to get there quickly and in a non-complicated fashion." He also shared that an additional stimulus package should create a "great incentive to work," a reference to the $600 in unemployment benefits that are entitled to Americans under the CARES Act.