Stephen Curry Vents His Anger and Frustration Over George Floyd's Death

George Floyd's murder has sparked outrage across the country as millions have called for justice. Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry is among this group and had strong words about the situation. He took to Instagram to vent his anger and frustration while saying that Floyd's life "did not matter" to the police officer that killed him.

The Golden State Warriors player posted the photo of officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck. This is the moment that created an uproar across the country and led to multiple protests and riots. Several prominent figures have posted the photo along with one of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeling to protest police brutality. Curry expressed outrage after seeing the photo, and he has strong words for those that don't feel the same way.

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"GEORGE FLOYD If this image doesn't disturb you and piss you off, then [I don't know]. I've seen a lot of people speak up and try to articulate how fed up and angry they are. All good and well but it's the same same same reality we live in," Curry wrote on Instagram.

"George Floyd. George Floyd. George has a family. George didn't deserve to die. George pleaded for help and was just straight up ignored, which speaks loud and clear that his black life didn't matter. George was murdered. George wasn't human to that cop that slowly and purposefully took his life away. #georgefloyd."

Curry is one of the many public figures using their sizable platform to make a statement about Floyd's death. Many have explained that this situation is why Kaepernick kneeled during the 2016 and 2017 NFL seasons. Others have simply said that they are "over it" after Floyd's death.


At the time, Kaepernick said he was protesting the racial and social injustice in America. Specifically, he focused on young, black, unarmed males being killed by police officers. He is no longer in the league, but the image of him kneeling is still prominently used when discussing protests.

Following Floyd's death, Kaepernick set up a legal defense fund for protesters in Minneapolis. He partnered with top lawyers to provide legal assistance to those arrested. Kaepernick referred to them as "freedom fighters" and said that there is always "retaliation" when fighting for liberation. His goal is to use the fund to protect those protesting.