Sinkhole Appears on White House Lawn and It Appears to Be Growing

A sinkhole has opened up on the White House lawn, and reporters on the scene say it appears to be [...]

A sinkhole has opened up on the White House lawn, and reporters on the scene say it appears to be growing larger.

The ground gave out at 1600 Avenue in Washington D.C., leaving a gaping hole in the ground. White House correspondents from various news outlets have posted about the hole on Twitter, where it has led to some smug symbolic associations.

"This week I've been observing a sinkhole on the @WhiteHouse North Lawn, just outside the press briefing room, growing larger by the day," wrote Steve Herman for Voice of America.

"Perhaps due to the swampy weather in DC lately," quipped Jim Acosta for CNN. "There's a sinkhole in the North Lawn of the White House."

On Tuesday evening, #sinkhole was trending on Twitter. Many users read into the phenomenon, drawing similar conclusions to Acosta.

"Somebody call Buffy!" wrote one user. "Trump has opened the Hell Mouth. *cue theme song".

"I've never actually 'rooted' for a #sinkhole before," wrote another, "but if the president fits..."

Many were quick to point out that exactly one year ago on Tuesday, a sinkhole opened up at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. According to a report by Time, that hole opened suddenly, and was four feet by four feet. It was near a newly installed water main, though sinkholes are much more common in Florida.

At the time, many similar jokes were made on Twitter.

"Isn't Mar-a-lago sinkhole redundant?" asked one user.

President Trump has yet to address the sinkhole. He spent most of the weekend alternately endorsing political candidates for the 2018 election and tweeting about the ongoing attempt to negotiate with China. He also hasn't yet acknowledged the shoot-out that took place at one of his Florida hotels over the weekend.

Police body camera footage shows an inside look at the recent gunfight inside of President Trump's Doral hotel. The Miami-Dade Police department released the footage on Monday. It shows officers in a dramatic shoot-out with an intruder in the Trump National Doral hotel. The video was published by the Miami Herald.

The shooting took place early on Friday morning. Police say that Jonathan Oddi climbed over a fence at the hotel and stole an American flag before walking into the building. According to the arrest report, he "proceeded to drape the flag on the reception desk," and then threatened an unarmed security guard.

Oddi was reportedly screaming "anti-Trump rhetoric" within the hotel. However, in his outburst he also shouted about former President Barack Obama and even rapper P. Diddy. He then fired his gun into the air before he started taking aim at Miami-Dade police officers.