Stimulus Checks: Latest GOP Proposal Includes Controversial Social Security Plan

Many Americans are ready for a second stimulus checks, but while lawmakers are debating over the details of the next relief bill, it's reported that the latest GOP proposal includes a controversial social security plan. According to Fox Business, a bipartisan group of senators is pushing for the relief package to include a proposal for resolving depleting funds from Social Security and Medicare programs. They also want to add a provision for addressing and fixing America's highways.

"Among its many devastating effects, COVID-19 has threatened the fiscal health of essential programs like Medicare and Social Security," said Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) in a statement on the proposal. Romney is one of 14 co-sponsors who introduced the TRUST Act — Time to Rescue United States' Trusts Act — as something that should be included in the next stimulus legislation. Fox Business reported that this is an updated version of a bill that Romney first introduced last year. "If Congress does not respond quickly, the day of insolvency for these programs will now come years sooner than expected." If included, the proposal would require the Treasury Department to deliver a report on the wealth of the trust funds by January.

The bill is highly controversial as many feel that it would actually be detrimental to Social Security and Medicare. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden commented on the TRUST Act, tweeting, "True to form, Republicans are trying to gut Social Security and Medicare in the middle of a pandemic. This bill doubles down on using secret, closed-door panels to undo these earned benefits. I will oppose any bill that includes a fast lane to cut Social Security and Medicare."


Congressional candidate Eva Putzova also commented on the TRUST Act, blasting her opponent, Rep. Tom O'Halleran, for supporting it. "My opponent tells the public that he will protect Social Security and Medicare. But in June, he signed a letter calling for Romney's TRUST Act. What would it do? Create a fast-track, closed-door process for cutting Social Security & Medicare."