Second Stimulus Check: Nancy Pelosi Blames Trump for Expired $600 Unemployment Benefits

Americans are still waiting on a second stimulus check to help them with the financial fallout form the coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time many are hurting from the expired $600 federal unemployment benefits. House Speaker Pelosi blames Republican president Donald Trump for the situation, telling ABC This Week corespondent Martha Raddatz, "He's the one who's standing in the way of that." She then added that Democrat leaders have "been for the $600."

She then went on to address the House Republican's "$200 proposal," which she asserts "does meet the needs of America's working families." Pelosi added, "It's a condescension, quite frankly, because they're saying, 'They really don't need it. They're just staying home because they make more money at $600.'" Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has been working with Pelosi as a co-chief negotiator of the new HEALS Act, also appeared on This Week and provided the White House's position on the matter. "The president is very concerned about the expiration of the unemployment insurance," he said. "We proposed a one-week extension at $600 so that while we negotiate a longer-term solution, at least all these people don't lose their money, and I'm surprised that the Democrats won't agree to that. They are insistent on having this as part of a larger deal."

Trump has not been the only target of Pelosi's criticism over not passing an effective new bill, as she has also tossed blame at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. After McConnell tweeted about the Democrats needing "to get serious and come to the table" for serious negotiations, Pelosi hit back, "I would hope that over 10 weeks of failing to act, Leader McConnell would at least get his facts straight: The House-passed [Heroes Act] extends the enhanced unemployment benefits families are depending on — while his 'proposal' slashes benefits by $400 a week."

The same day that the Senate GOP release their bill, Pelosi issued an official statement on the proposal. "Ten weeks ago, Democrats passed The Heroes Act, which contains the solution to defeating the virus and safely reopening the country: supporting our heroes, crushing the virus and putting money in Americans’ pockets," Pelosi said. "But for ten weeks, the Senate GOP has said just 'pause.' Once again, they have delayed releasing their plan. Children are hungry, families cannot pay the rent, unemployment is expiring and the Republicans want to pause again and go piecemeal."