San Jose Cinco de Mayo Celebration Draws Large Crowd Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite the fact that the coronavirus crisis continues to pose a problem for those across the country (and around the world), individuals continue to gather in close quarters in many parts of the nation. Most recently, a large crowd gathered in San Jose, California, over the weekend in order to take part in a Cinco de Mayo celebration. According to NBC Bay Area, hundreds of people gathered for the impromptu celebration, which involved many not adhering to proper social distancing measures.

The publication reported that the police were out in force on Tuesday, which is when Cinco de Mayo (May 5) fell, in case another large gathering takes place. But, they noted that there is not much that they could do regarding breaking up a large gathering like the one that took place over the weekend. NBC Bay Area also spoke to various individuals who saw the celebration. Carlos Diaz, the founder of the Alum Rock Business Network, said that he saw the gathering and reported that he only saw one person wearing a mask. He also claimed that no one was practicing social distancing. Diaz said, "Obviously it was blatant disrespect for the lives of others."

Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco also saw the images from the weekend gathering. She noted that she understands the desire for people to leave their homes amidst this quarantine period, but she stressed that individuals must stay home all the same. She shared her advice for everyone, telling the outlet, "Stay home. The shelter-at-home order has not been lifted." Just like Carrasco said, lockdown orders have not been lifted in the city, meaning that individuals should not be gathering in large groups out in public.


Even though the coronavirus crisis has not yet subsided, gatherings have indeed popped up all across the country as of late. Most recently, in cities such as Washington D.C., Atlanta and New York City, Americans have gathered in close quarters in order to watch the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover to pay tribute to medical workers on the frontlines amidst this pandemic. Although, it should be noted that the Blue Angels did issue a warning asking for individuals to not travel to see the flyover take place. They wrote on social media, "Residents should observe the flyover from the safety of their home-quarantine. Social distancing should be practiced at all times. Stay home and stay safe!" The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds will reportedly perform flyovers in various cities across the country.