Read the Woodcock and Ryan Families' Full Joint Statement Confirming Deaths of Lori Vallow's Children

On Wednesday, the Woodcock and Ryan families revealed the heartbreaking news that their grandchildren, J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan, were found dead on Chad Daybell's property in Rexburg, Idaho. After months of frustrating mysteries and ominous leads, they have confirmed that Lori Vallow's children passed away after their disappearance in September. For those that have followed the case, all that is left now is to mourn with the Woodcock family.

Investigators have been relatively secretive about the building case against Vallow and Daybell, as it is an open investigation. However, the families of the deceased decided to reveal the truth to the public on Wednesday. In a joint statement published by Fox 10 News, they wrote: "The Woodcocks and the Ryans are confirming that the human remains found by law enforcement on Chad Daybell's property are indeed our beloved J.J. and Tylee. We are filled with unfathomable sadness that these two bright stars were stolen from us, and only hope that they died without pain or suffering."

"Official statements from the Rexburg police, the medical examiner and the FBI will be released soon," the statement continued. "We ask that you respect our family's privacy while we grieve — we have only just been told of the loss of our loved ones and need time to process. We are not granting interviews at this time and hope you all understand that this is the worst news we will ever get in our lives and want to be left alone for the time being. Thank you."

The Woodcock family has reportedly become close with Daybell's brother, Matt Daybell, throughout the process of this investigation. Matt Daybell sent his own statement to Fox 10 News on Wednesday as well, writing: "The events of the past 9 months have weighed heavily on our family — it has been one of the most difficult things we have ever had to go through."

"Some in our extended family are still struggling to accept the reality that Chad could have been involved in something so terribly wrong," Matt went on. "We express our most sincere sympathies to Larry and Kay and to J.J. and Tylee's entire extended families. We are devastated by today's news and the apparent role that Chad has played in what has transpired."


"We also continue to pray for Tammy and Chad's adult children and their spouses," Matt continued. "Because of the difficulty of this situation, our relationship with them has been significantly strained. As a result, we have had no contact with them or Chad for the last many months — we do not know where his children stand at this time. As such, we ask for patience and compassion for them and for all our extended family as we cope with the horrific events that have come to light."