PS5 Gets Shredded to Pieces in Incredibly Frustrating Video

A viral video shows a PlayStation 5 going into a massive shredder for some reason, and video game [...]

A viral video shows a PlayStation 5 going into a massive shredder for some reason, and video game fans are distraught. The clip was originally uploaded to YouTube in November of 2020 by the channel "Captain Crunch Experiments," and it has over 892,000 views at the time of this writing. Viewers struggling to find a console of their own — or unable to afford one — are still leaving furious comments.

"I'm shredding my brand new Sony PlayStation 5, the PS5 controller, the power cables, books and also shredding the boxes it comes in. So you can see what's inside a PlayStation 5. Play more outside, less inside on your computer," reads the description of the video. It then shows the video game console, accessories and packaging going into an industrial shredder, or granulator — the kind with multiple shafts driving metal gears together to break up all kinds of waste, including plastic like this. While these machines are typically used for recycling and waste management, this may be the first one ever to digest a PlayStation 5, since the console just became available eight days before this video was uploaded.

Commenters left loathsome remarks for the video's creator. One added: "It would have been way better if he posted this like 2 years later."

"It's all about timing my man," while a third person wrote: "I hate how we are trying so hard and waiting outside stores overnight to get one of these and this dude is here shredding them."

Others tried to argue that the video must be fake, while some left long meditations on nihilism and consumerism in the comments. Many came up with unique ways to rage at the video's creator, arguing that they were contributing to needless pollution, or that they should have donated that console to an under-privileged child rather than making a video to taunt viewers.

The PlayStation 5 ranges in price from $399 to $1,099.99 depending on which version you purchase and how many accessories are included. Its release was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, and even then the early days of its release were plagued with short supplies around the world. In many places, scalpers scooped up the consoles and resold them at immense mark-ups. Those who experienced this mad rush to purchase the console were all the angrier at this video.

They are not alone — the Captain Crunch Experiments YouTube channel hs dozens of videos where anything and everything goes through the same blue industrial shredder. Other video game consoles — including more PlayStation 5s and Xbox Xs — have been featured, as well as toys, mannequin parts, trophies, food and hardware. Each one goes without commentary, and many leave viewers upset.