‘State of the Union’: Black Caucus Refuses to Clap for Trump’s Black Unemployment Comment

President Trump began his first State of the Union address by pointing out that unemployment rates among black Americans is significantly down, but members of the Congressional Black Caucus refused to applaud.

Opponents of the president were online in no time, fact checking his statement about employment rates. "Black unemployment has been reduced by 10 points over last 9 years," tweeted Chris Obeidallah. "Under Obama it was reduced by Nine points. It was reduced by one point under Trump."

Many viewers didn't even need the statistical information, however. They were content to identify with the Congressional Black Caucus's uniformly unimpressed reaction.

Of course, Twitter did what it does best, and a GIF of the moment began circulating at once. A single congressman can be seen clapping half-heartedly with a bemused smile, while others won't even look at the president. Their eyes wander around the room. One member of the audience can even be seen looking at his phone.

The president didn't let the lack of enthusiasm deter him. He went on with his speech in a clear, measured voice. He quickly changed the subject to his tax bill, which pundits expected to be the meat of his talking points. Strategists believe the tax bill is the president's best chance of getting his opponents on his side, but so far it hasn't done him much good.


President Trump landed on immigration for quite a while as well, describing a horrific murder committed by a group of immigrants. He pleaded with members of the Democratic party to find some common ground with him. Again, the lawmakers in the stands looked unimpressed.