Ohio Woman Killed in Drive-By While Making Thanksgiving Dinner

A Columbus, Ohio woman was killed in a drive-by shooting while preparing her Thanksgiving Day meal. The murder marked the 121st killing in Columbus in 2017.

Adrian Scott was shot just before 1:00 p.m. at a home in northeast Columbus, the Columbus Dispatch reported. The 34-year-old was at the kitchen table, making macaroni and cheese for her family when multiple shots were fired at the home.

"I went straight to the floor," one of the dinner guests, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Dispatch. "We all did." The man said there were five people in the home at the time of the tragedy.

Scott was rushed to the Ohio Health Grant Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead. She did not live at the home.

Other neighbors told ABC6 they were "heartbroken" for Scott's family.


"The is bad for the family on any day. So, the only thing I can think is every Thanksgiving they'll think about this," Columbus Police Sgt. Stan Latta told ABC6.

Scott's death was sadly not the only tragedy to strike a family on Thanksgiving Day. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, Damon Allen, was killed when he made a traffic stop. Hours later, police apprehended the suspect, Dabrett Montreal Black, KTRK reports.