Octopus And Seal Go Head-To-Head In Sea Fight To The Death

The WWE certainly knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to knock-down drag-out wrestling bouts, but for the best-of-the-best, you have to go to mother nature. Take, if you will, for example, this battle between a seal and an octopus.

Cage matches are great, we can all agree on that, but these two aqua-dwellers going at it is something even pay-per-view can't deliver.

Video of the fight, as first shared by the New York Post, was captured by Conner Stapley, a kayaking guide in new Zealand. Stapley was out with a group of tourists when they happened on the seal and the octopus.

At the beginning of the video, as the seal first emerges, thrashing the octopus about in his mouth, Stapley can be heard saying, "Wouldn't wanna be an octopus around here."

See The Video Here

As the video rolls on, the seal can be seen constantly popping out of the water, viciously swinging the octopus around, and smacking him against the surface.

With as fast as the seal is whipping the octopus around, slamming into the surface tension must be painful for the 8-legged Cephalopod.

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The octopus is clearly putting up a fight though, cause the video goes on for 45 seconds and in that amount of time the seal whips him around about a dozen times.

There are a few times you can tell the seal is struggling to get in those lashes, which means the octopus was at least putting up a partially effective defense.

Ultimately, though, it doesn't end well for the octopus, as the seal gives a final whip and he tears apart. One leg remains in the seal's mouth, while his body goes flying into the water.

Seal: 1 / Octopus: 0

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Just before the video ends, the seal pops his head out of the water and suddenly realizes that people have been around for the entire bloody show.

He looks over at one of the kayakers as if to say, "...what..," and therein lies the beauty of nature. Complete and utter decimation standing hand-in-hand with complete and utter confusion.