Watch: Ocean City Boardwalk Packed Memorial Day Weekend Despite Coronavirus Guidelines

The Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk was crawling with visitors during the Memorial Day weekend as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Videos and photos went viral across social media as scenes from the packed tourist destination created some controversy as social distance guidelines were seemingly not followed.

Ocean City does not require face masks to be worn, though it is recommended. There is also sunbathing and swimming allowed with groups of 10 being the max for beachgoers. Many of the food establishments were also open, though limited to either take-out or delivery. Most retail shops and amusement parks, along with arcades, remained shut down, however.

Earlier in the week, Jessica Waters, the communications manager of the city, told Delmarva Now that this summer will come to a lot of "personal comfort, personal responsibility." She also said people need to not just worry about themselves but to think about the people around you. The beach captain of Ocean City, Butch Arbin, also said that everyone needs "to be aware of the people around them." He added that "normal physical distancing etiquette" needs to be respected. One user on social media was frustrated with seeing all prior suggestions disregarding, writing on Twitter, "it's all fun and games until you get sick and die."

While Ocean City found itself trending after the scene that emerged on Saturday, it wasn't the only place to find itself in the crosshairs when it came to public backlash. Down in Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks was packed with visitors. The same emerged in downtown Nashville at a rooftop bar that saw large crowds gathering as the city reopened. Even a photo of Floyd Mayweather surfaced on social media while he was at a crowded nightclub in Arizona.

With social distance guidelines being a hot topic over the weekend, a good reminder for the steps put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to keep six feet away, wear a facial covering and avoid large gatherings, among other things. In regards to the six feet apart, the CDC says this is the "best tool" available in the fight to "slowing its spread locally and across the country and world."