Nude Intruder Found Eating Canned Pineapple in Home During Break-In

A St. Augustine, Florida woman was surprised to see she had a naked and unwelcomed guest in her home, the St. Johns County Sheriff's said Tuesday. The suspect, 63-year-old Mary Hamilton, was nude and eating canned pineapples.

Mary Hamilton
(Photo: St. Johns County Jail)

According to News4Jax, a woman called deputies to a house on Thompson Bailey Road in St. Augustine on October 4. The suspect told them, "The door was open for me to come inside," according to the arrest report. When the homeowner saw Hamilton, she rushed out of her house and locked herself in her car before calling authorities.

Deputies believe Hamilton came through the front door and took a T-shirt that belonged to the homeowner's son. She ate leftover food and started eating the pineapple can.

Deputies said Hamilton lives in the same neighborhood as the victim, but they don't appear to know each other.


Hamilton was arrested and taken to St. Johns County Jail, where she was charged with burglary and larceny.