New Video of George Floyd and Police Officers Surfaces

Almost a week after George Floyd was murdered, a new video has emerged that features how there was [...]

Almost a week after George Floyd was murdered, a new video has emerged that features how there was some kind of altercation in the back of a police car shortly before Floyd's life was taken. According to TMZ, activist Shaun King obtained a video of the incident in question and subsequently posted it on Instagram. In the video, Floyd appears to be getting roughed up by three officers as another cop stands watch over the situation.

The surveillance footage shows what happened to Floyd, an unarmed African-American man after he was led to the cop car following his detainment. In the video, it appears as though three of the cops involved in the incident were in a physical altercation with Floyd, who was placed in the back of the police car. The video showcases that one cop, who appears to put Floyd in the back of the car, is on the driver's side of the vehicle while the other two officers are on the passenger's side. Based on the video, all three of those officers were involved in this physical altercation. Another cop can be seen standing watch and can even be seen glancing directly at the camera at one point.

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At this point, Americans likely know what comes next in this incident. On Monday evening, after being detained over an alleged forgery in progress in Minneapolis, Floyd was killed by officer Derek Chauvin, who could be seen with his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes. There were many people who gathered around the scene at the time of the incident, with some being able to capture video footage. In the footage, Floyd can be heard saying multiple times that he couldn't breathe as the officer knelt on his neck. All four officers involved in this incident have since been fired, according to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo.

On Friday, Chauvin was reportedly arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. He was placed into custody by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. While Chauvin was arrested, many across the country are still wondering what will happen with the three other officers involved in this incident. According to ABC News, there will be more arrests and charges forthcoming in this case, as per Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman.