Nashville Tornado: Video Footage Reveals Horrifying Look at Fatal Tornado Wreaking Havoc

As Nashville, Tennessee, reels from the devastating tornado that resulted in the death of nine people throughout the area and cut a swath of destruction early Tuesday morning that collapsed more than 40 buildings, terrifying footage of the twister has emerged as people share their experiences on social media.

In one video shared to a breaking news account of the funnel cloud making its way through the area, you can see just how terrifying the damage the tornado left behind really was.

Tuesday morning, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency confirmed that nine people have been reported dead — four in Putnam County, two in Nashville, two in Wilson County and one in Benton County, according to ABC News. The suburb of Mt. Juliet was especially affected by the storm, Captain Chandler of the Mt. Juliet Police Department said in a statement early Tuesday.

"Our community has been greatly impacted by a tornado," Chandler said. "There are multiple homes damaged and multiple people injured. Our officers are in the early stages of this response and we continue to assess what is happening ... there are multiple homes damaged, multiple people injured, multiple people still trapped. We need your help."

"There are gas lines that are leaking, power lines that are on the ground, and multiple emergency responders are responding to those who are injured and trying to get them the help that they need," Chandler continued. "We appreciate your concern, your prayers. Continue to pray for our first responders and those that are injured and we will continue to keep you updated."

There have been least 40 structures collapsed around Nashville metro area as well, according to the Nashville Fire Department, reports The Tennessean. The paper also reported that the Five Points neighborhood in East Nashville was half-destroyed, with businesses being flattened along Main Street as well as in the Germantown area.

All metropolitan Nashville schools are closed Tuesday due to the tornado.


Photo credit: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images