Mother Makes Disgusting Discovery in Her Christmas Cake

A mom in England was shocked after her daughter discovered a cloth in her Christmas cake.

Lorraine Duartes purchased the "Shimmering Iced Christmas Cake" at her local grocery store to be an addition to their Christmas dinner, The Sun reports, but she was horrified when her 9-year-old daughter found a dirty dish cloth in the cake after having already eaten a slice.

"Lucy went into the other room with the cake and shouted 'Mum there's a green cloth in my cake,' " Duartes said. "I went in and saw it, this green and white cloth in the middle but she'd already eaten some of the cake. The kids were giggling away but I was shocked."

After the unsettling discovery, the 37-year-old took to Twitter share the find and contact Co-op Food in the hopes of resolving the issue.

"WOW! My 9 year old daughter may never eat Christmas Cake again after finding what appears to be a Jay cloth in one of your shimmering Iced Christmas cakes," she wrote. "To be honest neither might I! Please respond asap."


While Duartes says that the company did contact her regarding this incident, the issue hasn't yet been resolved.

"They just said they were sorry to hear this but I haven't received a full response or anything," Duartes added.