MMA's Gabi Garcia 27 Pounds Overweight for Fight With Older Lady

MMA fighter Gabi Garcia has a fight scheduled with a woman 21 years her senior, but at the recent weigh-in for the match, the towering Brazilian came in 27 pounds overweight.

In a video of the Rizin Fighting Federation event weigh-in, Garcia is seen stepping up to the scale after her opponent, Shinobu Kandori. The announcer then seems to reveal Garcia's weight, to which Kandori does not respond well.

After appearing to verbally berate Garcia, even calling her a "disgrace," according to TMZ, Kandori storms off the stage and out of the room.

Garcia just looks on and smirks as Kandori raises her voice and abruptly exits. The current UFC record for missing a weigh-in by going over is 11 pounds.

To date, Garcia has five fights in the book. She's won four of them (two by knockout, two by submission) and her most recent match, which too place against Oksana Gagloeva back in July, 2017, ended in "no contest."


Garcia is a world champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, with nine gold medals, and one silver, to her name. She won them all at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

No word on whether or not the match with Kandori will still happen on Dec. 31 as scheduled, but at the time of this writing no cancellation has been announced.