Megyn Kelly Reveals How She Really Feels About Donald Trump's First Term

Megyn Kelly told TMZ that she actually isn’t as opposed to President Donald Trump’s first four years as others may be. The former Fox News anchor said when looking at the policies he put into place “as opposed to his rhetoric,” his first term has seen him do pretty well. She cited his work in prison reform and anti-sex trafficking as some of the best policies he has established.

Republicans, she said, also appreciate him for how he lowered taxes and the rollback on regulations. Aside from all of that, Kelly admits he gets into trouble when it comes to anything nuanced or that “needs a healing moment.” This note refers to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest that has plagued the country for much of 2020. She doesn’t fault him too much, though, for his handling of COVID-19, believing that the virus “was going to be a massive challenge for whoever was in the White House.” Before wrapping up the interview, Kelly was asked about the likelihood of Trump admitting defeat and walking away graciously if he were to lose to Joe Biden in the November election. Her answer, she admits, might be a surprise because she said she feels he will. “I think deep down inside, he wants to be seen as a statesman,” Kelly explained. “He’s going to be persuaded by his family.”

This interview comes ahead of Trump and Biden’s first of three scheduled debates. Tuesday’s event will be held at a socially-distanced arena in Cleveland, where 70 people are expected to attend. The two-hour event, which will see Chris Wallace serve as the moderator, will tackle some of the most significant hot button topics, including the handling of the pandemic and the status of the Supreme Court. Going into the night, Biden strategically released his tax returns along with his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, after a scathing report showed Trump had not paid federal income taxes in 10 of 15 years.

Biden also appeared to be in good spirits heading into the night, joking on Twitter by sharing a photo of Apple headphones and some ice cream, “It’s debate night, so I’ve got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready.” This was a shot at Trump, who previously suggested that Biden, who he also said would be unfit to lead the country, would not be able to hold up against in a debate unless he were to take performance-enhancing drugs. Trump even went as far as to suggest a drug test ahead of their debates.