McDonald's Serves up First McVegan Burgers in Scandinavia

The highly anticipated McVegan is already on rotation in Scandinavia.

McDonald's locations in Sweden and Finland have started offering the soy protein burger, according to The Daily Mail, and fans of the fast food giant are already praising the taste of the food offering, which reportedly also comes with a gluten-free bun and vegan mayo.

Veganism has taken over the world, if one of the biggest fast food chains jumping on the trend is any indication, and considering the McVegan's early success we can expect that the plant-based burger will be hitting U.S. locations very soon.

The McVegan has a similar presentation to McDonald's iconic Bic Mac, but offers a soy-based patty.

With lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup and mustard, the new item has already set social media alight.

Head of food strategy at McDonald's in Sweden, Staffan Ekstam, told The Daily Mail the product was 'fun and exciting'.

The burger was developed by vegan brand Anamma, part of the Swedish company Orkla. Henrik Eriksson, of Orkla, told The Daily Mail the vegan burger has not been formulated specifically for Nordic tastes. It is developed to be neutral and then it's possible to add on different flavours,' he said.


McDonald's fans are already counting the days until they get their hands on their first McVegan.