McDonald's Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwiches aren't a big deal in just the U.S. In Australia, McDonald's fans get the Chicken Big Mac, which made a comeback there in December and is now available for a limited time. McDonald's Australia also launched the brand new Bacon Big Mac and brought back onion rings, another fan-favorite offering there.

The Chicken Big Mac is exactly what it sounds like. It's a Big Mac with two crispy chicken patties replacing the two beef patties. The sandwich also includes lettuce, onions, cheese, pickles, and McDonald's Big Mac sauce, notes 7News. The Bacon Big Mac adds two rashers (thin slices) of bacon to the traditional Big Mac with beef patties. The onion rings with BBQ sauce are also back on the menu. All three items returned to the menu on Dec. 1.

Although the Chicken Big Mac is not technically offered in the U.S., Chew Boom notes that it is possible to get one. You just have to ask a server to use McChicken patties instead of traditional beef patties when ordering a Big Mac. The Australian Chicken Big Mac also does not include onions, so you would have to ask for those to be dropped from your order.

The Chicken Big Mac is typically offered during Australia's summer months. The sandwich was introduced in 2017. "The iconic Big Mac and the McChicken are among our most popular burgers, so it made sense to mix up these two classics and give our customers a new and exciting product to try – the Chicken Big Mac," Jenni Dill, then-CMO of McDonald's Australia, said in a statement at the time.

Following the incredible success of Popeyes chicken sandwich in 2019, McDonald's and other fast-food chains jumped to introduce new chicken sandwiches. In February 2021, McDonald's officially debuted its new chicken sandwich in the U.S. It is available in Crispy, Spicy, and Crispy Deluxe options. The sandwich offerings were an instant success for the Golden Arches. During the week after they debuted, foot traffic at McDonald's was down only 17% compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019 during the same week, reports Yahoo! Finance


In October 2021, McDonald's also posted stronger-than-expected earnings for the third fiscal quarter. Group revenues reached $6.2 billion, far above what analysts predicted, reports The Street. "Our third-quarter results are a testament to our unparalleled scale and agility," McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said at the time. "Our global comparable sales increased 10% over 2019, which was delivered across an omnichannel experience that is focused on meeting the needs of our customers."