McDonald's Adds Donut Sticks to Its McCafe Menu Just in Time for Valentine's Day

McDonald's just added a fan-favorite sweet treat to its McCafe breakfast menu, just in time for Valentine's Day.

McDonald's is now offering Donut Sticks as a part of its ever-expanding breakfast menu. The restaurant chain hopes to entice customers who stop by for a McCafe coffee into picking up the re-shaped donuts, which are ideal for dunking for an all-in-one early morning meal.

Participating McDonald's restaurants will be making Donut Sticks fresh throughout the morning starting on Feb. 20. The baked goodies will not be microwaved, but cooked up fresh in the kitchen with cinnamon sugar. The Donut Sticks achieve that delicate breakfast pastry balance of crunchy on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside, and warm without burning the mouth.

The Donut Sticks are being released especially for Valentine's Day, although they are not a holiday exclusive. The restaurant chain intends to keep them on the menu, perhaps expanding their breakfast options.

The release even comes with a special promotion at some McDonald's locations. Customers who purchase half a dozen donut sticks with a small McCafe coffee will received a special prize — though exactly what that is was not revealed.

McDonald's will offer the Donut Sticks during breakfast hours at participating restaurants. It is unclear what this means for locations that serve all-day breakfast.

Donut Sticks are available at participating McDonald's starting on Wednesday, Feb. 20. They join a host of other special menu items as the fast food giant continues to branch out into new territory.

At the moment, select McDonald's locations in Canada are participating in another promotion: the Spicy McChicken. The classic sandwich has been ratcheted up with three new versions, each progressively more spicy than the last.


The Spicy McChicken became available late last month in select markets. The sandwich is more of an event than a new menu item. Every two weeks, McDonald's ads a spicier version of the McChicken, challenging fans to keep up with their top chefs. Each version of the sandwich is rated on the Scoville scale, showing fans just how much hotter it gets before culminating in the Ghost Pepper McChicken on March 11.

Unfortunately, the Spicy McChicken is only availabe in select locations in Canada. However, fans can follow along with the event on social media under the hashtage #SpiceFam. Meanwhile, the Donut Sticks hit American McDonald's restaurants on Feb. 20.